Q: Is this website better than others, for Listing a Property?
A: There are two types of “For Rent By Owner” websites: free of charge, and paid.
The free websites (which don’t charge for posting) have a MAJOR drawback: they are over-flooded with listings, with
many of them being repeats, or fakes. When you place an ad on a free website, it will quicky (sometimes in a matter of
hours!) be “bumped” from the first page to page two, then three, etc. An ad posted on a popular free website can go from
first page to page 20 in three (3) days! Once your ad is on page 20, it becomes hard to find!
Paid websites - on the other hand - have the drawback of.. charging for Listing! However, charging for listing a property
ultimately benefits clients; paid websites can afford more attention from their webmasters & administrators than their free
counterparts, so these sites will be - generally speaking - better maintained. On RentMode.com we take pride in looking
after each and every Listing. We eliminate fake ads to ensure customer satisfaction. Our system prevents posting of
Listings which are not “For Rent by Owner” (as found on other websites).
When you decide to rent a Property, we recommend trying BOTH TYPES (free and paid) of FRBO sites. From the
plethora of paid websites in Canada, choose the one(s) which offer(s) you the best price, most features, and better
exposure. If this also matters to you, you can choose Canadian owned and administrated websites, as it will help keeping
Canadians employed..
From all websites in Canada, RentMode.com is the only one which have clearly stated on the front page that “nobody
at RentMode is a R/E Sales Agent, or has ever worked as an Agent in the R/E business (holds true for our close families as
So, are we better than other websites out there? We certainly hope so, otherwise we wouldn’t have started, then put all
the effort into RentMode.com! We hope you will appreciate us as well. We value your input & welcome customer feed-back
as we believe it drives the development, and nurtures the improvement of our website!
Q: Do you also list Vacation Rental Properties?
A: Yes, we offer access to both Types of Rental Properties: Residential, and Vacation. Whether you are the Owner of a
condo in the City, or a lakeside cabin, when you go through RentMode.com to find your next Tenant, it will cost you the
Q: How do you compare price-wise with the other paid websites?
A: As far as we know, we are the LEAST EXPENSIVE paid “For Rent By Owner” website in Canada, especially for the
Features offered such as Google Maps Property placement, 24 photos for depicting each Listing, unlimited changes to your
Ad, user-friendly ad-modifying features, etc, all included in fee.
We can also provide lawn signs, window signs, etc (but only if you need them, not “packaged”), at extra cost. We ship
these signs anywhere in Canada. The signs graphics are produced and assembled here at RentMode.com, and we proudly
support the Canadian Manufacturing economy. Read more in our “Fees” section..
For convenience, we have provided the following Price Comparison Chart:
price comparision chart
Q: Do you have “Hidden Fees”?
A: No! We HATE hidden fees! Beware of sites which charge you for “Extra Photos”, etc! There are also websites which
offer Signs “packaged” with the listing fee, where you might end up paying more than for Listing and Signs separately.
Here at RentMode.com we don’t charge for extra photos (currently we let you upload 24 photos with each property - if
you feel that’s not enough please let us know so we can reflect upon increasing this allowance).
No other paid FRBO website in Canada does this the way we do, as far as we know. We are committed to being the
best, and provide fair service for your money paid! Owners of RentMode.com never forget that they are consumers, too, and would expect to be treated honestly and fairly when hiring services of others..
Q: What payment methods do you have when Posting a property on RentMode.com?
A: You can pay online through our Secure Payment process, by using your Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American
Express, Discover), or by using INTERAC Online. We are currently the only FSBO website in Canada to offer instant,
secure transactions using INTERAC Online besides Credit Cards. This is the latest option for on-line payment introduced in
Canada, and we are proud to be able to offer it to you! (It is also deemed safer and least expensive.. Check out Interac
Online at http://www.interac.ca/interacOnline.php for more information).
Q: Will RentMode.com provide me a Payment Confirmation, or Invoice?
A: Yes, we will send you a Payment Confirmation, or and Invoice to the email provided at Registration. Our secure
payment process lets you purchase with peace of mind.
Q: Can you supply “Lawn Signs and such”?
A: Yes, we are one of the few “For Rent By Owner” advertising places where you can also buy the signs needed to put in
front of your property, onto a fence, or in the window, etc, if you reckon they will help (they typically do by: extending your
selling exposure from solely on-line, to online PLUS the nearby traffic; helping prospecting Tenants find your place easily
when you have arranged a viewing, etc).
Please visit our “Signs” Section for complete information regarding the Sign types we offer, and their Prices. Shipping
is included in all Signs’ price for all the Cities and Towns listed in our drop-down search menu.
Q: Do you require the Signs to be returned to you (as others do)?
A: No. The Signs ordered by you are YOURS, and you can use them as you please, of course. Unlike other FRBO sites,
we SELL you the signs. We recommend extreme caution using sites offering “Signs for Rent”, for three big reasons: 1)
some won’t tell you! 2) you could be paying the same (or even more!) money for Renting a Sign, as if you were to BUY the
Sign, and 3) There are “strings attached” when you rent/lease Signs (for any damage you get charged extra when returning
them). People should use due diligence if/when “renting” such Signs. For example, our Prices are so competitive, they beat
competition’s renting charges over defined period of time, so why not go the least expensive way? Plus, do you think you
won’t find use for the Sign after you rent? Most signs can be stripped, changed, updated, etc. You can reuse them at a later
date. We invite you to ask all questions, and factor in everything before deciding..
Q: Can I modify / make changes to my ad, once posted?
A: Yes, you can. RentMode.com site is extremely user-friendly! There are many instances in which an Owner needs to
make changes to his ad AFTER he has posted it. Examples may include situations when one discovers having made an
error in the initial post, or when one wishes to change the Renting Price (very common change), or add more information in
the Ad’s description, etc. On RentMode.com you can do that very easily!
In fact, you can do much more than that! You can Add or Delete Photos, change your property’s Status (for example
from Active to Pending, or Rented), change your Contact Information (Phone number, Email Address - which you have
choice for making it public or not), change your Property’s listed features, and/or other specific information about it. You can
even manage Multiple Listings when you have more than one Property up for sale with RentMode.com.
Moreover, ALL CHANGES TO YOUR AD ARE FREE! (No hidden charges, no extra fees). You have Control over your ad.
Q: My town is not listed, can I (& how do I) post my property?
A: If a town, village, hamlet, etc is not on the drop-down list, it is simply because it would make such list too long and
ineffective. Properties are “grouped” around “major” cities/towns for convenience. This being said, just because one’s rental
Property is a little “off the beaten path” doesn’t mean he/she can’t list it on RentMode.com. We thought of that for you!
Simply start by choosing the nearest City in the list, and proceed with the rest of the Information as prompted. Enter the
correct address, postal code, or coordinates of your Property. Our Google MAPS will display your location correctly
(provided you have entered right, of course..), and so your Listing will have as much exposure as any others.
Interested Tenants will know where your Property is, by simply looking at the location on the Map displayed with your
ad in “Detailed Listing View” (we show a big map!); plus, they know which major town/city is located next to (it’s at the top of
the Ad). Last but not least, people interested in a Property (i.e. prospective Tenants) typically read the Description text in
the Ad, Section which can hold as much information as you wish.
Q: Will I also get inquiries from Sales Agents? How do I handle them?
A: Reportedly, posters could get inquiries from Sales Agents. Legitimate inquiries from Agents are when a) The poster has
not mentioned in the Ad Description that he/she does not want to deal with Agents and b) The Agents are not Soliciting your
business (i.e. trying to offer you “a client” in exchange for financial compensation). Otherwise, the ONLY legitimate inquiries
from Agents are those in which they represent a Client who is genuinely interested in your Property. We use the word
“genuinely” because, reportedly, there have been situations where Agents used the “client representation” introduction as a
pretext to start a conversation, followed by them offering you their paid services.
If and when you have specifically mentioned “No Agents Please” in your text, then their contacting you would be rather
inappropriate, and probably reprobated by the Code of Conduct defined by their Professional Association. If you obtain the
Agents’ names, you can opt to report them if they were conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner.
RentMode.com advises caution when dealing with clients with representation, as a potential setting for Scams and
Q: How can you protect me from “Spam” and “Soliciting”?
A: When you List a Property you have the option of making your email address public (visible), or not.
If you decide to make your email address visible, that could make your email a target for Spam Mail (so much on the
Internet these days!). This being said, your Spam Filter should do most of the work in protecting you (make sure you, or
your Email Account Provider have one!). But remember, NEVER open any email you are not sure about.
If you decide to make your email address invisible (recommended), you will still retain the ability to be contacted via
email, as Interested people (prospective Tenants) will use RentMode.com’s “Send Private Email” portal, which doesn’t show
your email address. You can chose to reply or not, to any message of course, but remember, when you reply to sender
from your personal email address, your also reveal your address with that (not much way around it). We recommend using
caution in revealing any financial or personal details via email/ or phone. Always ensure proper identification coming from
the other party!
Regarding “Soliciting”, reportedly it could come from Sales Agents (see the answer above).
To prevent “Soliciting” we have added a Mandatory radio-button-select before anyone sends you a Private Email
(where your email address in not shown). This Mandatory radio-button-select says “I, hereby declare that I am genuinely
interested in this Property as a Tenant, and will not Solicit business from the Owner of this Listing, or send Spam/Junk
email. I am aware that Soliciting, and/or Junk E-mailing are unwanted by the Owner of this Listing, forbidden on
RentMode.com, and unlawful under the circumstance. I am aware that in Canada sending commercial emails is prohibited
unless there is an expressed or implied consent from the recipient, and I can be prosecuted in the Court of Law as result of
legal action introduced by the Owner of this Listing and/or the Owners of this website.”
We think this is good for you to know: anyone who has sent you a “Soliciting” email, has done with disregard to you,
and by being untruthful after reading the Warning but still checking-off the button. Feel free to report them to the various
Organizations, or Professional Associations they belong to,” Watchdog” Agencies, etc.